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Flower Communion

One of UU’s favorite ceremonies is the Flower Ceremony, often called Flower Communion, a special ritual that recognizes the beauty and uniqueness of each member, honors their part in creating our beautiful UU communities, and celebrates the beauty of nature’s diversity. It is celebrated in early summer by most UU congregations.


  • Strengthen UU Identity and connection to the UU community

  • Lift up diversity and bounty of gifts brought by each participant

  • Express gratitude for our gifts in community


Timing ​

  • early June (or late May)

  • Principle One | The inherent worth and dignity of every person

  • Shared Values | Pluralism, Community, Gratitude

  • Related Concepts | Beltane, May Day baskets, start of summer

Explore & Engage



Worship & Connect

Songs and Hymns

Following are a few options that work well in a Water Communion service, small group worship, or to listen to at home. For a more comprehensive selection, see the UUA list of Songbooks and Hymnals and the UUA List of Music for Online Worship. AUUMM also offers resources for UU music leaders. Please be responsible for respecting copyright as necessary. If you own the UU Hymnals and you're observing the day by yourself or with your family in your home, and not streaming online, you're most likely covered but check anyway. Besides legal requirements, we ask that you help support the artists. Note you must contact all individual artists directly for their permission to use their song/s. Being mentioned here as a suggestion does not constitute in any way permission to use their song/s.

Make Meaning

Flower Communion Blessing, call and response, Amy Zucker Morgenstern

Click to access flowercommunion.pdf

Alternative Flower Ceremony service ideas

As People Arrive

Guide people to place their flower in communal vases (see notes below)

Opening Song

Dear Friends, Dear Friends
Let me tell you how I feel
You have given me such treasure
I love you so.

Chalice Lighting

By Samuel A Trumbore

Source: 1997 UUMA Worship Materials Collection.


O light of life,
Be kindled again in our hearts
As we meet together this morning
To celebrate the joy of human community
Seeking a wholeness that extends beyond ourselves.

Opening Song Suggestions


SLT #4, I Brought My Spirit to the Sea

Hymn #346: Come, Sing a Song with Me (video)

Optional Choir Hymn: #21 For the Beauty of the Earth (video)

Deepen & Reflect

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