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Gathering is a time of celebration, gratitude, and community. In the yearly cycle, the projects (harvests) are mainly done and tools are put away.  People are preparing for long winter nights, dreaming, and repairing tools and recharging bodies. It is time to take stock of your supplies and your neighbors' to ensure members of the community have enough to get by. A time of donating to others, wishing them well, and celebrating community. 


  • Strengthen UU Identity; Participate in ingathering to the UU community

  • Feel gratitude for family and community

  • Lift up connection and responsibility to the community; Give back


Timing ​

  • 3rd Sunday of November (~ 10 days before Thanksgiving)

  • Second Principle | Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations

  • Shared Values | community, connection, gratitude, generosity

Explore & Engage

Guest at Your Table (or Coffee Cart)

UUSC's longest-established fundraising and educational program for congregations.


Gratitude Tree (or Tray)

A special way to focus on gratitude and generosity.


Seasonal Community Drives

Many people give at this time of year, paying forward the blessings they feel in their life. It's important to practice good allyship, however. 

1. Youth and Families Stone Soup Event
2. Scarves Tree

3. Empty Bowls

Worship & Connect

Songs and Hymns

Following are a few options that work well in service, small group worship, or to listen to at home. For a more comprehensive selection, see the UUA list of Songbooks and Hymnals and the UUA List of Music for Online Worship. AUUMM also offers resources for UU music leaders. Please be responsible for respecting copyright as necessary. If you own the UU Hymnals and you're observing the day by yourself or with your family in your home, and not streaming online, you're most likely covered but check anyway. Besides legal requirements, we ask that you help support the artists. Note you must contact all individual artists directly for their permission to use their song/s. Being mentioned here as a suggestion does not constitute in any way permission to use their song/s.

Make Meaning

Deepen & Reflect

Why Not Thanksgiving


Suggested Focus for Thanksgiving

  • Gathering with family and friends

  • Lifting up Gratitude

  • Outdoor activities

  • Community service

  • Scrapbooking, journaling

  • Sports

One of the 'major' holidays in America, Thanksgiving celebrates the origin myth of the early European settlers in New England. It reinforces the Doctrine of Discovery. While it is usually also the time for family gatherings, Thanksgiving as conceptualized causes harm in our culture.

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