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Image by Benjamin Voros

Book of Days


The Book of Days gathers information about important days in the cycle of the year. Never complete, we are invited to add to the book as we grow our understanding and faith.

As we move through the year, there are days when each of us chooses to pause: to give thanks, to remember, and to celebrate that which is sacred and good. Wrapped in UU identity and our personal faith journey, these 'Chalice Days' offer  mile markers along the path of life, motivating us to find meaning and gratitude along our way.


Unitarian Universalism is a faith held by covenant and not by creed. There are many rich, complex beliefs in the mix. This site does not begin to cover everything UU, or even include everything about each UU tradition or belief. Instead, I share what I find significant to my faith and how I approach the days of my own journey. Learn more about Chalice Days and my approach to this concept. 


This site is still under construction, but I hope you may find bits and pieces that are helpful and interesting to you. What days do you choose to recognize along your journey? These are my Chalice Days.

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